IMG_2360Hello guys!

Today let’s talk about another creative business woman and friend of mine: Valery Noyen.

Valery is a fabulous, enterprising young woman and not the least leading her company, with its innovative project “#mirrortag’.

While having a delicious carrot cake at the Local House in Miami I had the pleasure to interview her.


Who is Valery?

Valery is a good friend and a start up entrepreneur; we met while doing a Spanish course on Miami Beach. She has a Masters degree in architecture and just two weeks after graduation she registered her own design company with the first project of jewelry design, Valery Noyen. Statement and sophisticated jewelry pieces that can be worn in many ways, where you create your own unique look every time. But that’s was just the beginning of the story…


How did you come up with the idea of #mirrortag?

While making custom designs for clients, I would take selfies/ pictures in the mirror of the design progress of the jewelry piece and send it to the client for feedback, so they could see how a necklace would look on them. I found the presence of the phone in the picture frustrating, as it would take a significant part of the photo and not serve any purpose. I am quite precise in my work and also the photos I take, even if it is a quick snap. I looked at it as a challenge and decided to make the phone a useful part of the photo: I created an iPhone skin with name of my brand written mirrored, so it would be a watermark on each selfie I take, and ‘protect’ my creative work.


From putting a watermark on your work to many designs for #mirrortag, how did that happen?

I noticed people were curious on what was on my phone and what it meant, that element of curiosity triggered me to think further. At the same time I was travelling to Rio and a friend there advised me to discover Instagram, as it is a booming social media platform to share your life and showcase your work.

Suddenly I was introduced to the world where people share millions of selfies. I realized they are trying to communicate through these images, telling something about themselves, sharing their story. Whether it is that they are ready to start the day, sharing their fun times with their loved ones, their fitness progress photos, I found it quite inspiring. They are really inviting us into their world with these images. The most famous hashtag #selfie was due to all these people.

The idea of# mirrortag became clear in my mind: why do not make smartphone skins with words/captions to each selfie?

How did you choose which words to include in the #mirrortag collection?

I actually did selfie research and identified several groups, and looked at what they were trying to convey through the photos and paid attention to hashtags they were using. And I still do, as it all evolves, words change in popular culture and clients want to be on top of trends.

How would you describe #mirrortag?

#mirrortag is an innovative and a fun way to take selfie and to accessorize your phone. Because the word is spelled backwards on the smartphone skin, it is not an intrusive way of seeing your message of what you want to represent when you are for example holding your phone or it is laying on the desk during a class/work. It works as an affirmation too along with the caption to your selfie, something what you are or strive to be, a reminder. I encourage people to explore their creative side and feel good about themselves.

IMG_3309 (1)Tell me more about the product itself.

#mirrortag skins are white, elegant reusable skins with the words/hashtags. You apply a #mirrortag on the back of your phone and snap a selfie in the mirror, the word becomes readable on your selfie. Besides being a beautiful design, the skin also protects your phone from scratches.

#mirrortag is a status update, it is a caption. That is why I needed the skin to be reusable, as what you are expressing changes regularly. You can get as many #mirrortags as you want and dress your phone with them, depending on your mood.


What is the next step for this project?

We have already more than 100 designs in the collection, and now the next step is introducing the customized #mirrortags. You will be able to create your own personalized #mirrortag, how cool is that. A word you often use, or a nickname you have, or a personalized gift like that, anything is possible. I’m looking forward to getting design requests from everyone.

I am traveling to Hong Kong to finalize this part of the project there, which I find very exciting, it will be my first time in Asia.

Also a new line of T-shirts is coming, but we will save it for the next interview 🙂 FullSizeRenderIMG_1531

Photos are taken by Sam Gyang, fashion photographer based in London www.gyangphotography.co.uk

Miami SwimWeek – Shore Club Pool Party Outfit

11759556_10207011525507658_962904903_n Hello everyone!

Last week here in Miami was the “Swim Week” which means, fashion shows and pool party everywhere! 😀

My simple outfit for the Shore Club Pool Party of last Sunday was a long dress by Zara with Roy Roger’s shorts 🙂

For the pool PARTY of course a colorful swimsuit.


Ciao ragazzi!

Qui a Miami siamo nella settimana della “moda costumi”. Tutti gli anni in questo periodo Miami si anima di fashion shows, sfilate e party in piscina.

Per il pool party della scorsa domenica allo Shore Club ho deciso di optare per un outfit semplice: vestito lungo di Zara accompagnato da shorts Roy Roger’s e sandali bassi.

E ovviamente per la festa un super colorato costume 🙂

IMG_0393 IMG_0478   IMG_0524 IMG_0525IMG_0521



Hello everyone!

Today I would like to talk about an awesome company of baby footwear: Baboon – Baby and Kids Everyday Footwear

I’m not saying awesome just because is the company of a dear friend… I’m saying awesome because is what actually is and I’m sure you will agree with me!

Cristina Marcos started her company of Baby & Kids footwear less than one year ago, August 2014 to be precise, and today Baboon is already a big success. The mission of the company is to offer kids and babies shoes with different and innovative styles.

I think that the design of these shoes is really adorable and, if you don’t have babies, these shoes can also be a perfect gift idea for babyshowers, for newborns in the hospital, baptisms or birthdays.

Baboon is 100% Mexican brand-new focused on both, “baby style and coolness 🙂 ” and the actual babies’ needs. In fact Baboon offers two different lines of shoes in correspondence with ages and needs: shoes for babies (0-18 months) with soft sole and shoes with hard sole indicated for kids from 2 years to 5-7.
Is not a coincidence that the slogan of the company is “STEPS WITH LOVE, MADE WITH LOVE”. These shoes are really made with love and passion and every style and design has been created and thought in order to satisfy parents and babies’ needs.

Let’s your baby be cool with Baboon from the hospital to his first day of school 🙂

Here are some of the models but don’t miss to follow Baboon on Facebook and Instagram.

More info at baboonmx@gmail.com


Oggi voglio condividere con voi alcuni modelli di tenere scarpine per neonati e bambini ideati da una mia cara amica.

Cristina Marcos ha iniziato la sua azienda di calzature Baboon – Baby and kids everyday footwear meno di un anno fa, agosto 2014 per essere più precisi, ed oggi Baboon è già un grande successo. Baboon nasce con l’intento di offrire a bambini e neonati scarpe con stili sempre innovativi e diversi dal comune.

Credo onestamente che il design di queste scarpe sia davvero adorabile, al punto da renderle anche un ottima idea regalo per battesimi, compleanni, baby-shower o perché no… anche come grazioso regalo di nascita da portare direttamente in ospedale a mamma e neonato.

Baboon è un nuovo brand “made in Messico” focalizzato sia sullo stile che sulle esigenze dei bambini e proprio per questo offre sia una linea di scarpe con suola morbida indicata per bambini 0-18 mesi che una con suola dura più adeguata ai bambini dai 2 anni ai 5-7.
Non è un caso che lo slogan della società sia “STEPS WITH LOVE, MADE WITH LOVE”. Queste scarpe sono veramente frutto di amore, passione e dedizione ed ogni stile e design è stato creato e pensato per soddisfare le esigenze di bambini e genitori.

Lacia che Baboon accompagni con stile il tuo bimbo dall’ospedale fino al suo primo giorno di scuola 🙂

Segui Baboon anche su Facebook e Instagram!

  10365754_755045121243505_4855387299602945017_n (1)
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11733379_10152893003767382_324845639_n 11759468_10152893003777382_1035654988_n (1)

Key West …Come Away With Me


Today let’s take a quick look to Key West. Key West is a Florida’s Isle located in the southernmost point of the United States. Relaxing and peaceful isle perfect if you are looking for some fun watersports or if you just want to escape from your crowded city.
I went with my best friend for the 4th of July weekend, it was a last minute decision we found a good offer through Expedia the day before and Saturday morning we left Miami ready to go discover this island.

Good and fun experience but, to be honest, it was less than what I actually was expecting from Key West. I didn’t really liked the restaurants and it is hard to find a white and sandy beach. Even though, i had an amazing and “terrifying” experience with the Jet-sky, which I recommend.
Interesting museums, such as the house of Hemingway and Truman and the light house which offer an amazing view.

Beautiful sunset, delicious key Lime Pie, ocean clean and clear and an historical and romantic atmosphere.

Here are some shots


Key West è un isola della Florida che si torva nel punto più a Sud degli Stati Uniti. Isola di pescatori molto semplice e tranquilla in cui è possibile gustarsi un po’ di quiete e relax. E’ ottima per sport acquatici quali moto d’acqua, barche a vela, catamarano… Noi abbiamo optato per una “terrificante” escursione in moto d’acqua.

Storicamente Key west è conosciuta anche per essere stata dimora di Hemingway ed altri importanti personaggi Statunitensi. E’ infatti possibile visitare la casa di Hemingway, divenuta oggi museo così come la “little white house di Truman”. Un altro museo che vale la pena visitare per la vista che offre è “Key West Lighthouse and Keeper’s Quarters Museum”  che ricorda la storia del faro di Key West Lighthouse, costruito nel 1847.

Altro importante appuntamento che non si può mancare se ci si trova a Key West è sicuramente il tramonto, conosciuto come uno dei più belli grazie alla posizione così a sud in cui si trova l’isola. Punto migliore da cui ammirare il tramonto: “Southernmost Point”, nonché il punto più a sud dell’isola.

IMG_9976IMG_9969KeyWestFlaLighthouseIMG_9938 IMG_9939IMG_9941

IMG_9924 IMG_9899IMG_9858Southernmost_point_key_westIMG_9980

Sugar Factory Grand Opening – Miami


Hi Guys!

Today I would like to share with you part of my job. As I told you I’m working for an Event Production Company (Live It Productions International) and the last event I was working on was the Sugar Factory Grand Opening here in Miami Beach. The restaurant is amazing and if you have never been you should definitely go.
The event was at the terrace of the Hotel Victor in South Beach, Hotel where the restaurant is located. Special guest of the night Kylie Jenner.
I really like my work and I loved to work for this event. Every detail is important when creating an event and everything went perfectly, making me and my team really proud.

And, to quote Steve Jobs

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do” (S.J.)

Here are some shoots of the set up!


Oggi ho deciso di condividere con voi parte del mio lavoro. Come già detto, da qualche mese sto lavorando per una compagnia che produce ed organizza eventi qui a Miami (Live It Productions International). Anche se non ho iniziato da molto, sono rimasta veramente affascinata e catturata da questo lavoro.

Uno degli ultimi eventi a cui ho avuto il piacere di lavorare è stata l’apertura di Sugar Factory a Miami, ristorante molto famoso qui negli Stati Uniti. Ospite VIP della serata Kylie Jenner (sorelle Kardashian) accompagnata da DJ Irie, nonché DJ ufficiale dell’evento.

Condivido con voi alcuni scatti della location e del nostro lavoro che è stato un successo! 🙂

Presto le mie foto saranno pubblicate anche su una famosa rivista!

DSC_0293 DSC_0301 DSC_0305 DSC_0306 DSC_0312 DSC_0317 DSC_0318 DSC_0326 DSC_0327 DSC_0341 1743672_857539287654337_7444926447578759124_n

La Provence


La Provence è un ottimo franchising di “french bakery” negli Stati Uniti.

Se siete alla ricerca di una colazione più europea, come un buon “cappuccino e croissant”, La Provence è il posto giusto.

La provence offre un vasto menu in grado di soddisfare tutti i gusti e a tutte le ore del giorno.

Prezzo onesto e buona qualità.

Ora non ti resta che cercare la location più vicina a te!


One of my favorite place for breakfast or brunch is La Provence! French Bakery with a menu full of interesting and good choices.

Craving the sweetness, as always, from my favorite dishes: Pancake and French toast. Croissant are also good and I love their orange juice and cappuccino 😀

Find the location nearest to you and enjoy your breakfast or whatever 😀     11291255_10206771695232051_1234422228_n11336054_10206771695352054_768648940_n11418353_10206735460446204_1834556325_nIMG_1511IMG_8302

Fort Lauderdale


Hi guys!
Today in the focus of my camera and my heart there is Fort Lauderdale.
I like Miami, but I have to admit that i have also a strong bond that connect my heart and feelings with Fort Lauderdale. The first time that i left Italy to move to The U.S I found myself in this city that welcome me in the best way possible and that made me love the State and wished to stay here forever. Fort Lauderdale is definitely less crowded and crazy than Miami and if you are looking for something else than the crazy night life, Fort Lauderdale is definitely a city that worth to visit. Good beach, little center with nice shops and restaurants and friendly people. The feature of the city that i love the most is the water that creeps in the houses like a street. Fort Lauderdale the American Venice.


Ciao ragazzi!

Oggi nel mirino della mia macchina fotografica e anche del mio cuore la città di Fort Lauderdale.

Devo dire che mi piace vivere a Miami ma, devo anche ammettere che ho un forte legame che mi lega sentimentalmente a Fort Lauderdale. Infatti, la prima volta che ho lasciato l’Italia per trasferirmi negli Stati Uniti è stata proprio questa “cittadina” ad accogliermi e a farmi innamorare degli Stati Uniti e più in particolare della Florida. Fort Lauderdale è sicuramente meno affollata e movimentata di Miami, ma se non è solo la pazza vita notturna che vi interessa è sicuramente una città che ha molto da offrire e che vale la pena visitare. Grandi spiagge, piccolo centro con negozi e ristoranti molto carini e persone per lo più amichevoli e cordiali. La caratteristica che decisamente rende unica questa città sono i canali d’acqua che si insinuano tra le case come strade. Non a caso è chiamata anche la Venezia americana.

IMG_1460 IMG_1462IMG_146311297799_10206688273346556_287110311_nIMG_1464 IMG_1467 IMG_1469 IMG_1471 IMG_1472 1604162_581896115219708_1158855181_o1596522_581896121886374_799578931_o11349816_10206688273506560_1423978504_n1606434_581895858553067_910439345_o 886786_581896335219686_1026853528_o IMG_0947 IMG_1896 IMG_1897 IMG_1899 IMG_1900 IMG_1901 IMG_1688

Less Is More.


Hi Guys!

Today just a little shot of one of my favorite outfits for the summer.
I love the pastel colors, I love classy style and I love simple outfits.

So, believing that always “less is more”, today a pastel pink dress with pastel pink shoes to match 😀
Let me know what do you think and what are your tastes in the summer days!


Ciao Ragazzi!

Oggi un breve scatto ad uno dei miei outfit preferiti per le calde giornate estive.

Amo i colori pastello e amo gli outfit semplici ed eleganti perché, come ho sempre detto, credo fermamente che il più delle volte “less is more”. Quindi per oggi un vestitino leggero color rosa pastello con scarpe coordinate.

Fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate e quali sono i vostri gusti in termini di abbigliamento per le calde giornate estive!


DSC_0405  DSC_0407 DSC_0408  DSC_0410      DSC_0376



Hi guys!

Today let’s take a look to Nikki Beach! Nikki beach is a beach club located in a lot of the fanciest city in the world, to name just some : Dubai, Saint Tropez, San Barth, Ibiza, Bali and of course Miami.

The concept behind the Beach Club is to combine the elements of entertainment, dining, music, fashion, film and art into one.

If you are not in the mood for a “boring” beach day just bring your towel to Nikki Beach and get ready to have some fun!


Ciao Ragazzi!

Oggi diamo un occhiata al famoso Beach Club: Nikki Beach!

Nikki Beach è un Beach Club nato con l’intenzione di unire elementi diversi in un unico luogo: intrattenimento, ristorazione, musica, moda, film e arte.

Se non avete voglia di una “noiosa” e semplice giornata in spiaggia non vi resta che portare il vostro asciugamano in uno dei Beach Club – Nikki Beach sparsi per il mondo. E’ infatti possibile trovare Nikki beach in molte delle città più fancy del mondo, per citarne solo alcune: Dubai, Saint Tropez, San Barth, Ibiza, Bali e…. ovviamente Miami! 😀

Check it out! http://www.nikkibeach.com

DSC_0023 DSC_0024 DSC_0025   DSC_0034 DSC_0035 DSC_0036    IMG_7283



Hi guys!

Some memories of my breakfast at the amazing Autè Bistrot in Pavia.

As you know i’m far away from my home at the moment, but if you are or if you are planning to visit Pavia (Italy) this summer, don’t miss out the new Autè Bistrot!  This little and cute place is located in the center of the city with an amazing view of the Cathedral.

I’m really in love with its design: easy and sofisticate at the same time. In addition the amazing food can be match with a variety of different wines that Autè Bistrot offer.


Ciao ragazzi!

Anche se a miglia di distanza dalla mia Pavia, mi sento di consigliarvi questo posticino: Autè Bistrot.

Collocato nel centro della città con vista sul duomo, Autè Bistrot offre una varietà di deliziosi piatti nostrani da accompagnare con un ampia scelta di vini per tutti i gusti e palati.  Sono stata ad Autè Bistrot per una colazione mentre mi trovavo in visita in Italia e sono rimasta positivamente colpita dal, semplice e allo stesso tempo sofisticato, design del locale.

Se siete nei dintorni o state pianificando di visitare la bella Pavia, Don’t miss to check it out!  Autè Bistrot.

IMG_7727       IMG_7734_1024 IMG_7735_1024